About Stardust Fotografie

My name is Rachel (you pronounce it as Raa-shell) and I was born in 1993 near Rotterdam in The Netherlands. On my 19th I started my business and before that I studied photography for two years on the Grafisch Lyceum.

When I just started photography in 2012 I mostly made fairytale portraits and I felt like I could really express my creativity with that. When I turned my hobby into my job and started 
www.rachelfotografie.nl the fantasy photoshoots got replaced for maternity, families and weddings. 

Many years I photographed so many beautiful memories for other people and I still enjoy this with all my heart, but in 2022 I really felt like I was missing a tiny bit of myself, the part that is obsessed with everything nerdy and fantasy. And so.... Startdust Fotografie was created! 



Wanna know more?


- I live together with my husband and our dog Ziggs (named after a character from the game League of Legends) . 

- In 2022 I finally got married after having to postpone it a couple times. Our wedding was full with harry potter decorations and some Lord of the Rings elements. 

- We love travelling and my dream is to photograph more outside of The Netherlands. Especially small intimate weddings and elopements. Somewhere in the mountains, near blue water, or at a gorgeous castle. (basically everything looks great compared to The Netherlands)

- In my free time I like to play videogames.

- my sister in law makes costumes and I get to wear them!

foto: Mandy Aileen