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Fairytale loveshoot at Burg Eltz castle Germany

Bijgewerkt op: 17 feb. 2023

In 2019 when I went on holiday to Germany we visited a really cute town named Bacharach but also this amazing castle thats less than a 4 hour drive from my home. I'm obsessed with castles and Germany is full of it! I met this lovely couple that wanted to model for me at this beautiful castle. Unfortunately I never went inside the castle because it was closed in the evening, but I imagine it must be wonderful to have your wedding photoshoot or elopement here. I think you could go so many directions with castles to fit whatever your vibe it.

During the day Burg Eltz can be really crowded, but if you choose to have your photoshoot during sunset or sunrise you will avoid this problem. Imagine a sunrise photoshoot in autumn when the mist is still going trough the forest, this gives a totally different vibe than summer sunset photos like these.

Have you ever been to Burg Eltz castle?

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